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Convert PDF files into DWG with 1 click

Convert your PDF file to DWG without doing any extra work. Import your files now!

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Used by over 4,000 companies and designers

Bank of America
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Save up to 40h per file using our converter

  • Import PDF files without any extra work

    Seamlessly import your PDF files into DWG. Focus on being productive instead of messing around with file formats.

  • Stop wasting your time fixing import issues

    Our software converts all elements seamlessly one by one to assure 100% compatibility.

  • Start using PDF files in DWG instantly

    By using our tool you can migrate your existing PDF files and designs into DWG.

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Pixel perfect conversion of your PDF files

Supports Groups & Layers

Converts text flawlessly

Shadows, Gradients and more

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PDF DWG Import Demo Preview

Need another format?

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Convert your PDF files to Drawing now!

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