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Convert Canva files into Photoshop (PSD)

Our automated converter will convert your Canva file within minutes to a PSD file

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Bank of America
Deloitte Digital
Canva to PSD converter example

Save up to 40h per file using our converter

  • Import Canva files without any extra work

    Seamlessly import your Canva files into PSD. Focus on being productive instead of messing around with file formats.

  • Stop wasting your time converting Canva file manually

    Our software converts all elements seamlessly one by one to assure 100% compatibility.

  • 100% Editable text and shapes

    By using our tool you can migrate your existing Canva designs to Photoshop.


Get ready-to-use, flawlessly converted files

  • Untouched path elements

    Path elements get converted seamlessly. Each icon, shape or path element will remain the same.

  • Maintain your folder structure

    We convert your folders including names and nested structures.

  • 100% visually accurate

    All elements will automatically converted in seconds. Your Canva designs will be converted flawlessly into PSD.

Everything we supportCONVERT NOW
PSD example

100% 像素完美转换


100% 准确性

Canva Demo Preview
PSD Demo Preview


magician with bubbles



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