New 以 Sketch 或 XD 等独立格式自动备份您的 Figma 设计。 了解更多 >

Convert any Website into a Figma design with 1 click.

Paste your webpage URL in the window on the right and we will convert it to a Figma design

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Directly import websites into Figma with 1 click

支持 Groups & Layers

Converts within a few minutes

100% 准确性

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Flawlessly convert any website into a Figma design

  • Creates highly accurate design in Figma from any website you enter

    Each icon, shape or path element will remain the same and will become fully editable in Figma.

  • Maintain your section structure

    We convert section by section to make sure you can work in Figma as seamless as possible.

  • 100% visually accurate

    All elements will automatically converted in seconds. Your website will be converted flawlessly into a Figma design.

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Saving you hours of work - Directly import any website into Figma

  • Our converter supports all types of elements

    Our fully automated converter supports all elements: shapes, path elements, images, groups and text elements.

  • Protected by our Money Back Guarantee

    We understand that you expect perfect results when using our converter. That’s why we offer a full money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the result.

  • Full protection of your data

    We don’t sell or share any of your data with 3rd parties neither do we have any rights in the data you upload to our service.



  • “这个转换器做的非常棒。超级快并为我节省了许多工作时间。Sketch文件看起来与Adobe XD文件完全一样。非常有帮助!”

    Onur Ada

    IBM iX的高级设计师

    Onur Ada Avatar
  • “非常有用的工具。目前,我们每周在Adobe XD,Sketch和Figma之间进行多个设计文件的转换,它简直像拥有魔法一样。”

    Hayyaan Ahmad


    Hayyaan Ahmad Avatar
  • “我们的一些客户使用 Adobe XD,而我们更喜欢 Figma。 使用这个工具,我们在 XD 中交付最终设计,就像我们在 XD 中构建它们一样。 惊人的!”

    Will Kaufman


    Will Kaufman Avatar
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