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We've spent over 2 years developing a design file engine that produces highly accurate results. Use it today to convert your design files in seconds, backup your design data or move design into code.

  • Design File Converter

    Design File Converter

    Convert any design file with one click. Our converter supports all major design formats like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator and even PDF files. Convert entire design systems fully automated with full support for Components, Prototyping and other advanced features.

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  • View XD Files

    Magicul Inspector

    View, edit and inspect design files directly online without signing up. Download assets, export files or edit files all together. Magicul X Inspector is a free alternative to popular design tools like Adobe XD and Figma.

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  • Backups for Figma

    Figma Backup Solution

    Automatically backup your Figma designs to independent formats like Sketch or Adobe XD. Keep your data save and avoid vendor-lockin. Easily backup your data to our server or your own infrastructure.

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Design File Converter

Convert your design files with 1 click, fully automated

Our converter supports all major design formats like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop and more. Convert even complex design systems with support for Components, Prototyping and other advanced features.

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Figma backup Solution

Backup your Figma files under your own terms

Backup and store your Figma designs using our Figma Backup solution. Automated backup cycles make sure your data is secure. Avoid a future vendor-lock by directly converting your designs directly to Sketch or Adobe XD.

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Magicul X Inspector

View and edit XD and Figma files online

View and edit design files online without installing software. Export assets or handoff designs to your developers. It's never been easier to view and edit design files online.

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Trusted by small and large teams

Our customers range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies

  • “This converter does an amazing job. Super fast and already saved me hours of work! The Sketch files look exactly like the Adobe XD files. Extremely helpful!”

    Onur Ada

    Senior UI UX Designer

    Onur Ada Avatar
  • “Such a useful tool. We currently convert multiple design files a week between Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma and it works like a charm.”

    Hayyaan Ahmad

    Software Engineer

    Hayyaan Ahmad Avatar
  • “Some of our clients work with Adobe XD while we prefer Figma. Using this tool we handed off the final designs in XD like we’ve built them in XD. Amazing!”

    Will Kaufman

    Senior UX Strategist

    Will Kaufman Avatar
  • FAQs

    Do symbols/components get converted?


    This is one of the big advantages of using our converter. All symbols/components get converted as is, when ever it's possible to create them in the target file format. In rare cases it's not possible to re-create component overrides created in Adobe XD in other tools like Sketch or Figma. In those cases our converter falls back to the underlying shapes and detaches the component instance from it's parent. It's important to mention that we only do this when it's simply impossible to convert the component in the target design format.

    Do prototyping transitions get converted?

    Yes, our converter supports prototyping transitions (tap/click interactions) for Figma to Sketch, Figma to XD, XD to Sketch, XD to Figma.

    What are the benefits of your product over Hypermatic?

    Hypermatic is a very different tool intended for very basic graphic design tasks. It doesn’t convert symbols or prototyping interactions like our product does. It isn’t intended for complicated files like ours.

    How long does a conversion take?

    Our converters are fully automated. Most files convert within 3-5 minutes. Occasionally it might take a bit longer for very large files.

    Do component states/overrides get converted?


    If you have variants in Figma or XD, each variant will be converted as a single component. The variant will still have the same name with a = and the name of the variant itself. For example: Button/Primary=Hover

    Do you have a free plan?

    We currently do not offer a free plan for our Design File Converter. But all of our plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the conversion results simply reach out to us and we will refund your money.

    What are the benefits over exporting and importing SVG?

    Converting files using the SVG method is time consuming and not very accurate. There is also no support for components or artboards. All of these are supported by Magicul.

    500.000+ files and 12TB of data have been processed by our design file engine.

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