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Our automated converter will convert your Sketch file within minutes to an Adobe XD file

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Our converter converts all Symbols and Components. Each Sketch Symbols will be converted into an Adobe XD Component, allowing you a seamless transition. Even entire design systems can be converted with just a single click and are ready to be used.

Prototyping Transitions

Prototyping transitions get converted as well, which is another big benefit of our converter. Save yourself from having to re-create all prototyping transitions and links.

Text and Color Styles

All Text and Color styles created in Sketch will be available in your converted XD file. Each design system consists of those basic styles. By using our converter you can rest assured that all Text & Color styles get converted.

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Move Sketch design files to Adobe XD in seconds

Using our converter will help you to open Sketch designs in XD. Convert your files today and save hours of work!

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